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MelindaMelinda Lee has been a broadcaster on radio, television and internet platforms for nearly 30 years. She was the host of the popular KNX FOOD NEWS for many years, as well as writing, producing and broadcasting “Food News on Demand,” a series of 90-second, twice-daily features on subjects related to food and cooking.

Subscribers to Melinda Lee’s WHISK magazine are highly engaged, loyal followers of her show and her writings, and devout foodies. The magazine is a place for in-depth articles on many subjects, a place where readers can actually see how a finished dish might look. WHISK writers are located all over the country, bringing regional specialties and food expertise to the pages of each issue.

WHISK magazine currently is available at Bristol Farms markets throughout Southern California, at select newsstands and by subscription. Click HERE to subscribe, or HERE to purchase a single issue.



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