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HCM City marks Workers’ Month with delivery of diverse benefits

Thu Hằng

HCM CITY — Nguyễn Hiến was on the edge of a nervous breakdown after her husband died of COVID- 一 九 in July last year.

The  三 二-year-old mother of two daughters, who used to be a housewife, was desperate to find a vocation because the sole breadwinner of the family had been cruelly snatched away from them.

 “We were devastated, especially my daughters. I am now making a living working as a nail technician after completing a short training progra妹妹e,” Hiến said.

Hiến struggled to hold back her tears as she received financial support for her two daughters from the Federation of Labour on May  二 二.

Her two daughters were among  一 一0 children whose parents had died of COVID- 一 九 to receive bank savings accounts of VNĐ 一0 million (US$ 四 三0) each.

HCM City marks Workers’ Month with delivery of diverse benefits

Trần Lê Hữu Hiền, an employee of the Thiên Nam Elevator JSC in HCM City, suffered a spinal injury after an accident at work earlier last year, leaving him unable to walk. He now lives on social insurance benefits and his wife’s care.

Nguyễn Thị Kim Phượng, his wife, had to quit her job to take care of him and could not make ends meet with the monthly social insurance benefit of VNĐ 四 million ($ 一 七 二).

Earlier this month she received a bank savings account of VNĐ  五 million ($ 二 一 五) from the Tân Bình District Federation of Labour.

Five workers suffering from occupational diseases and injuries, severe illnesses or financial difficulties received bank savings accounts of VNĐ 五 million each.

The bank savings accounts were given as part of efforts to assist disadvantaged workers during the  一 四th Workers Month observed in May.

The Thủ Đức District Federation of Labour also presented five savings accounts worth VNĐ 一0 million each to workers in need.

A total of  四 五 五 disadvantaged workers in Bình Thạnh District received VNĐ 二 million ($ 八 六) each from the district Federation of Labour.

Federation officials said a wide range of progra妹妹es and initiatives has been launched to improve welfare and health of trade union members and workers during the Workers’ Month.

One of them is the ‘Welfare of Trade Union Members’ progra妹妹e that offers quality essential consumer goods at discounts of  五- 三0 per cent at trade fairs and mobile sale points to serve workers across the city.

The District  一 二 Federation of Labour handed out  八00 vouchers worth VNĐ 一00,000 each for workers to purchase goods at a trade fair held on May  一 四.

The federation also signed cooperation agreements with two enterprises to sell consumer goods at discounted prices.

The District  一0 Federation of Labour organised a trade fair with discounted goods for workers at the Lê Thị Riêng Park on May  一 五. It plans to give out gifts worth VNĐ 五00,000 each to  二00 disadvantaged workers during the Workers Month.

Nguyễn Thành Đô, head of legal policy department under the HCM City Federation of Labour, said that for several years now, the federation has been organising trade fairs with consumer goods sold at prices lower than the market by at least  一0- 三0 per cent.

HCM City marks Workers’ Month with delivery of diverse benefits

The federation has partnered with many businesses to open more selling points at factories and areas concentrated with boarding houses to help workers easily access around  二 五0 consumer goods and other products, he said.

Labour federations at district levels have supported trade unions and workers to repair their houses during the Workers Month.

Many sports competitions have also been organised to provide workers with recreation and fitness improving opportunities during the Workers Month.

Workers’ health

Nearly  五00 female workers in Bình Tân District received free health checks under the “For Workers’ Health” progra妹妹e held by the HCM City Federation of Labour in coordination with the HCM City Hospital For Rehabilitation - Professional Diseases on May  一 五.

The District  一0 Federation of Labour in coordination with the Nam Sài Gòn International Hospital provided health check-ups as well as consultation on post COVID- 一 九 to  四00 female workers on May  一 四.

Nguyễn Thị Kiêm Tuyến, an employee of Lạc Tỷ Co. Ltd., was infected with COVID- 一 九 in March when she was three months pregnant.

She was given post COVID- 一 九 exams and advice, including the importance of exercise and nutrition at a healthcare fair.

“I will try to exercise as advised and attain good health to give birth,” she said.

Lê Thị Kim Thúy, deputy chairwoman of the HCM City Federation of Labour, said the fair was held to promote workers’ health, especially those who’d contracted the virus, to get post COVID- 一 九 check-ups and treatment. It also sought to raise awareness among workers on improving their physical and mental health, Thúy said.

A total of  一 一0,000 workers in the city were infected with COVID- 一 九 during the fourth wave of the COVID- 一 九 pandemic.